This membership agreement must be signed in order to sing at rehearsals or perform at any Denver Chorale events.

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Membership dues are due by the dates indicated unless prior arrangements have been made with the board treasurer. Dues can be paid with cash or check, or online through the Denver Chorale website.

Dues are an important source of Chorale income. If you do not pay your dues as indicated above, you may forgo your right to participate Chorale performances.

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Sheet music deposits are $20/season per member and must be paid by cash or check before taking any music home with you after rehearsal. These deposits are 100 percent refundable, given that you return all of your sheet music at the end of the season. When sheet music is returned, you will be given your cash or uncashed check back. If sheet music isn’t returned at the end of the season, your check or cash will be deposited to the Denver Chorale to cover the cost of the lost music. *
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The Denver Chorale is about more than just singing. We’re a community of volunteers who need to work together to have a sustainable, successful organization. Please indicate below which talents you may be interested in offering the Chorale this season.
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